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Things To Know About Dentures

Things To Know About Dentures | Woodbridge Township

Dentures are a form of removable teeth replacement. Teeth loss can mostly occur due to several factors such as periodontal diseases, teeth decay or dental trauma, and injuries. Modern cosmetic dentures are designed to resemble natural teeth. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 things to consider before hand-picking cosmetic dentistry in Woodbridge Township. However, cosmetic dentures can be used by those individuals who are suffering from tooth loss to replace the missing tooth.

Kinds of Dentures in Woodbridge:

  1. Conventional
  2. Immediate
  3. Overdenture

Types of Dentures in Woodbridge:

  1. Full Dentures:

    It replaces entire teeth from the upper or lower arch. The procedure can extend up to a few months.

  2. Partial Denture:

    It replaces large dental gaps. The process takes a few days as the dentist installs the denture after removing the severely affected teeth.

  3. Impartial-Supported Dentures:

    It anchors dental implants with small screws made with titanium infused into the root of the teeth. It is the most stable form of the denture as it supports the full dental arch. These dental implants in Woodbridge NJ can take up to six months to properly fix the jawbone.

Advantages of Cosmetic Dentures:

  1. Proper maintenance of dental hygiene
  2. Beautify the facial structure by enhancing the dental aesthetics
  3. Helps in better pronunciation

Potential Side Effects of Dentures:

As per the cosmetic dentistry in Woodbridge Township the potential side effects can be

  1. Dentures can affect and diminish your sense of taste
  2. You can face speaking difficulty while wearing dentures
  3. You can face difficulty while eating with dentures
  4. Not taking proper care of dentures can lead to severe and painful mouth and swollen gum infections
  5. Often broken or loose dentures need proper repair
  6. Dentures can change saliva production
  7. Nausea

Who Cannot Become the Ideal Candidate for Denture Treatment?

  1. Individuals with irregular bone formation
  2. Individuals with an allergic reaction to acrylic, plastic, or metal
  3. Individuals with a history of poor oral health and hygiene may develop infections after the denture treatment

What Are the Potential Alternatives to a Cosmetic Denture Treatment?

  1. Dental bridge
  2. Dental implants


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