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Dental Crowns in Fords New Jersey

The natural tooth is one of the precious parts of our body which once lost can never be recovered. Natural teeth not only help us in biting and chewing food but also create a balance in the oral cavity by protecting periodontium and jaw bone. When a natural tooth is severely hurt from infection, diseases or during accidents it's existence can be threatened. A dental crown is a prosthodontic appliance used to shield such natural tooth from dangers. It also acts as the body of the natural tooth by fitting like a cap over it.

Dental Crowns in Fords and Woodbridge NJ

As a form of tooth restoration, our dental crowns in Fords and Woodbridge NJ have brought smiles in many patients around the locality. We have added life to oral cavities with strong great looking crowns which continue to protect the natural teeth of our patients from diseases and tooth loss.

Dental Crowns – Process and Usage

Dental crowns are artificial tooth caps which can be fixed over natural tooth after grinding it down. An adhesive can bond the crown over ground natural tooth. The process takes few visits at the dentist.

  • The dentist examines the patient to check if a crown can be used to safe guard natural tooth.
  • The natural tooth is then ground to make sure that the crown fits over it.
  • The impression of the natural tooth is sent to the lab for preparation of crown.
  • The patient uses temporary crown until the customized crown is prepared.
  • The dentist finishes the process by fixing the customized crown over natural tooth by using adhesive.

Dental crowns can be used to protect natural tooth during a wide array of problems.

  • Chipped/cracked tooth
  • Tooth broken into two pieces
  • Decayed weak tooth
  • Discolored tooth
  • As crowns for implants
  • As anchor crowns for bridges

Dental crowns are effective as a prosthodontic appliance when the natural tooth is still rooted in the jaw bone but is in very weak condition. They are also used in to cover tooth which has too much of fillings. They not only shield the natural tooth against forces but also provide an exterior layer for biting, thereby creating an equilibrium in the mouth.

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