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Dental Implants in Fords New Jersey

If a smile is the sign of beauty and self-confidence, masking the teeth simply is a badge of hesitation and self-consciousness. It is the wellness and beauty of the teeth which individualizes a person's smile by adding value to his/her face. When teeth are healthy so are the smiles and the person who owns it. Dentistry aims to bring this completeness in every individual through the science of medicine and by creating awareness.

A tooth loss in the oral cavity is like losing one of the prized possessions. The emptiness creates an imbalance in the mouth and deteriorates the health of the person, over a period of time. Prosthodontic products like bridges and partial dentures have aided dentists in restoring the tooth, but none of these have been effective as a dental implant.

At New Image General and Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe that the wellness of your teeth is contained in both the fitness and the appearance of teeth. Our multidimensional approach treats the diseases and issues while ensuring that the beauty of teeth is enhanced during the process. Our dental implants in Fords and Woodbridge, NJ have upgraded the health of our patients by bringing completeness in their dentition.

Dental Implants – The problems addressed

Dental implants are appliances that are inserted into the jaw bone, in place of missing tooth. The implant is basically a root over which an artificial crown can be fitted. This appliance forms a strong bond with a bone tissue because of which the implant becomes an outstanding replacement for lost natural tooth. As an artificial tooth restoration, a dental implant can do the following.

  • Be a stunning, long-lasting replacement for the natural tooth.
  • Avoid shifting of positions in teeth which happens when there is a missing tooth.
  • Avoid diseases and infection.
  • Stop shrinking of the jaw bone.

Dental implant surgery can be performed on any patients as long as their jaw bone is healthy and they do not have any uncontrolled health issues like diabetes and cardiac problems.

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