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Dental Fillings in Fords New Jersey

Living with dental caries can make life miserable. In the form of a toothache, swelling and bad breath, dental caries injure the dental health severely. Removing the cavities caused by dental caries and putting external material in place of it prevents the infection from spreading to other teeth and strengthens the affected tooth.

A dental filling is a process where a certain material is used to fill the cavity which is created by tooth decay. The process makes the tooth stronger and protects it from further infection. At New Image General and Cosmetic Dentistry, we conduct treatments which protect the dental health of our patients. Out dental fillings in Fords and Woodbridge, NJ has relieved patients from pain and swelling, rejuvenating the tooth with full life.

The tooth does not require fillings during early stages of decay. Our dentists determine the need for fillings based on thorough examination of the teeth. However, toothache and swelling due to caries may be indicators of the need for dental fillings. This procedure is also applicable when tooth is broken or cracked.

Outcome of Dental Fillings

The process of removing the decay and cleaning the area to place the filling material prevents caries from spreading deep into the tooth. In other words, dental fillings protect the natural teeth. With proper care, dental fillings can last for many years. The procedure takes place in one visit. Once the filling material is applied, depending on the type of material, different methods are followed to harden it.

It is important for the patient to communicate to the dentist if he/she is facing issues with a sensitivity of tooth. How well a particular filling works on a patient depends on the precision in application of filling material and the type of material used. Patients may be allergic to certain particular types of materials which may not be determined by the dentist during the examination. So, for the dental filling process to be successful, patients should stay in touch with the dentist post-treatment.

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