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Dentures in Fords New Jersey

Dentures are prosthodontic replacements for natural teeth. They are wonderfully designed to fit in the mouth of patients, empowering them with the ability to chew and bite. If properly maintained, they can work remarkably as a good substitute for natural teeth.

At New Image General and Cosmetic Dentistry, we treat every patient with extreme care. We take the time to understand the requirement of patients and plan a treatment accordingly. Our dentures in Fords and Woodbridge, NJ are carefully designed to take the place of natural teeth in perfect form. Our prosthodontic treatment methods have helped our patients in regaining the lost charm and energy bringing out refreshing smiles in the locality.

Dentures – The treatment

Dentures are chosen as a treatment when teeth have reached a stage where they cannot be recovered. The dentist examines the status of the teeth of patients and suggests dentures as an option. The process of preparing the denture and fitting it in the oral cavity happens in few visits to the dental practice.

  • The dentist starts off with examination and taking measurements and impressions from the mouth of patients.
  • Based on the measurements and impressions dentures are prepared specifically for the patient in the laboratory.
  • The patient is given temporary dentures until the permanent ones are prepared from the dental lab.
  • Dentures are fit into the mouth of the patient and he/she is guided on how the appliance has to be taken care off.

Taking care of dentures

Patients should take good care of the oral cavity and dentures in order to stay healthy. The dentures should be removed and cleaned thoroughly in a bowl of water using a brush. The gums also require cleaning with a brush in order to remove any food particles in the mouth and improve blood circulation. With good oral hygiene and proper maintenance, dentures can be an excellent replacement for teeth.

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