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Dentures in Woodbridge Township New Jersey

When all or most of the teeth are missing a dental restoration is required to support the basic functionality of the oral cavity. Dentures are artificial replacements for lost teeth that have been used for teeth restoration for many decades now. These appliances help people with chewing and biting functions. With advancements in prosthodontics, we have new types of dentures available today that are very comfortable to wear and greatly aid in improving oral and overall health of the person. If teeth loss is worrying you, come speak to our dentist about dental prostheses. Our restorations have worked well in many of our patients from Woodbridge and Fords communities of NJ.

Teeth loss and oral health

Our oral cavity is designed to have 32 teeth. The four wisdom teeth may or may not erupt properly in many of us. The remaining 28 are very important for our oral health. Teeth help us in breaking down food and in speech. They support facial muscles and help in maintaining the shape of the face. Teeth loss can reduce the confidence of a person to eat hard food items. This directly affects the nutritional intake. There are other health problems related to kidney and heart that are connected with teeth loss. Dental restorations are designed to address these issues and contribute to improving the oral health and overall health of patients.

Dentures – What are they?

Dentures are artificial teeth restoration made of porcelain or acrylic. The base of the denture is made of resin acrylic and resembles the gums. The teeth are normally made of porcelain or hard acrylic resin which is fabricated to exactly mimic the appearance of natural teeth. The denture can either be supported by gums or by dental implants. The implant-supported dentures are highly stable and provide more comfort to patients.

Dentures – Restoration procedure

Our dentist firstly performs a thorough check of the teeth that are remaining. They may have to be extracted if it is beneficial to the patient. Once the severely damaged/decayed teeth are extracted, our team takes impressions of gums. The dental implant surgery is performed after checking the status of supporting jawbone. There can be 2-4 implants strategically placed in the supporting bone. The implants are left to heal for few months after the surgery. A temporary denture is fabricated at our Fords office. The temporary denture is placed over the implant such that the implant does not take any load.

After the healing period, the dentist removes temporaries and takes impressions of gums. Either a bar or a ball type attachment mechanism that holds the denture is fixed over the implant. The temporaries are put back in place. The dentist replaces the temporaries with the permanent denture after it gets fabricated in the lab. The patient may need few follow-up visits before adjustments are made to confirm the fit.

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