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Root Canal Treatment in Fords New Jersey

Natural teeth are precious and they deserve to be protected for a healthy living. They create a perfect balance in the oral cavity. Dentistry gives prime importance to safeguarding these natural teeth even in the worst conditions. Root canal treatment is one of the procedures in dentistry which is performed in order to get rid of the inflammation, protecting the tooth and the surrounding areas of the periodontium.

At New Image General and Cosmetic Dentistry, wellness of patients is our primary concern. Through our treatments, patients are not just happy with their healthy teeth but are also proud of its' beauty. Our root canal treatment in Fords and Woodbridge, NJ is done in order to remove infected pulps and save natural tooth giving it new life. The treatment relieves patients from toothache and any other problem caused by pulp inflammation.

Root canal treatment - Necessity

Tooth decay and tooth damage from accidents can cause serious damage to the oral cavity by reaching out to the pulp of the tooth and infecting it. The infection can spread to the periodontium resulting in swelling and severe tooth ache.

The pulp, which basically has blood vessels and nerves, is the part which is responsible for the growth of the tooth. However, a fully grown tooth can survive without a pulp since it can be nurtured by surrounding tissues. The process of root canal treatment is based on this fact. An infected pulp is better removed than staying in the tooth and spreading the infection to gums. In root canal treatment the dentist removes the infected pulp by carving an opening into the tooth. The tooth is then filled with gutta-percha and filling materials which protect the tooth from dangers. A crown may be fit over the tooth which is treated in order to strengthen it.

The procedure takes place in few steps.

  • Examination and planning
  • Removal of Pulp and cleaning the chamber
  • Filling the chamber of tooth and sealing it
  • Placing the crown or any other tooth restoration

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