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Root Canal Treatment in Woodbridge Township New Jersey

When a tooth is decayed or damaged, it should be restored in order to protect it from the danger of falling out. When the pulp of the tooth is infected, there can be a toothache and/or swelling. The bacteria can spread to the supporting structure and other teeth. This can finally end with tooth loss. A root canal treatment is recommended by dental professionals to remove the infected part of the tooth and restore the tooth back to shape. A dental crown, which is placed over the weak tooth after the treatment, acts as a shield against external agents. If you have a toothache, make an appointment and meet our dentist immediately since it is one of the signs of danger to the pulp. We have patients who visit us from Woodbridge Township, Fords and surrounding communities. Through quality oral care we aim to prevent dental problems and improve the oral health of every person who visits our office.

When is root canal treatment recommended?

One should know the anatomy of a natural tooth in order to understand the need for root canal treatment. The natural tooth has enamel, dentin and the pulp. A canal containing nerves and blood vessels runs through the root of the tooth. Though the enamel is one of the strongest substances in the human body, the acids released when bacteria feed on sugary substance can damage enamel leading to tooth decay. When decay expands deeper into dentin layer and pulp, the bacteria come in contact with the soft tissues. This can cause inflammation and infection of pulp leading to a toothache. If not treated in time, the bacteria can spread to the root and to other teeth through the supporting structure. This is when a root canal becomes necessary to save the tooth.

Root canal treatment process

When patients visit our office with a toothache or during a general oral check up, our dentist looks for signs of decay or tooth damage. An X-ray may have to be taken to check the status of the tooth. Our dentist may ask questions related to tooth sensitivity and the type of pain if the patient is having a toothache. On confirmation that the pulp is infected, our dentist explains how root canal treatment can save the tooth for the patient. The tooth is firstly numbed and isolated from nearby teeth using a rubber dam. An opening is made on the surface of the tooth and the pulp is removed through the opening. Using a dental file and anti-bacterial agent, the root canal is cleared. The root canal is sealed the tooth is filled using the appropriate material. The crown is finally capped over the tooth to protect it from further damage.

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