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Dental Bridges in Fords New Jersey

When a tooth goes missing from the mouth, the harmony in teeth arrangement is ruptured making way for serious dental illness. Dental bridges are teeth restoration appliances which are capable of re-energizing the mouth using false teeth. Since, with perfectly arranged teeth the smile is more adorable, the dental bridge can truly be a bridge between a person and his/her best looks.

We, at our general and cosmetic dental practice, are passionate about beautifying the smiles of people in Fords and Woodbridge, NJ. Our treatments restore teeth and give new life to patients' oral cavity. Dental bridges in Fords and Woodbridge, NJ is one of the restoration treatments done at our practice with extreme care. Our helpful staff and our proficiency in restoring the tooth with dental bridges brings a wonderful experience to our patients. More than all, they will be delighted to walk home with beautiful smiles.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are one of the permanent tooth replacement appliances in prosthodontics. They are basically used in cases where one or more tooth is missing. A dental bridge comprises of a false tooth/teeth which replace the missing tooth/teeth, and two crowns on either side of the false tooth which are used for support. Dental bridges require the teeth, which are immediately next to the missing tooth, to be contoured such that they can carry crowns. These grounded teeth are called abutment and crowns are fixed to them using adhesives. Dental bridges, once fixed, can last for more than 10 years if proper care is taken.

Troubles caused by missing tooth/teeth

Missing tooth/teeth can not only rupture a beautiful smile (if the lost tooth is in the front) but can cause serious illness to patients in various ways. Following are some of the serious threats which can rise from missing a tooth.

  • The Shift in a position of teeth leading to serious orthodontic problems.
  • Speech problems if it is the front tooth which is missing.
  • Problems in biting and chewing.
  • Can change the facial appearance.

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