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Dental Bridges in Woodbridge Township New Jersey

Dental bridge or tooth bridge is a dental restoration that can replace lost tooth. The bridge can be supported by dental implants or by natural teeth. A fixed dental bridge has one or two anchoring crowns and a false tooth. Though dental implants are the most widely recommended tooth restoration for missing teeth, dental bridges may be suitable for cases where the patient does not have a healthy supporting bone. Dental bridge restoration does not require as much time as dental implants. The restoration procedure may take few dental visits. If you have a missing tooth which you want to replace, make an appointment and visit our dental office. Our dental restorations have helped create healthy smiles for people from Woodbridge Township, Fords and surrounding communities of NJ.

What happens when a tooth is lost?

Teeth are necessary for breaking down food to help digestion and to support speech. When a tooth is lost, the chewing efficiency reduces. As a result, the person may lose confidence to eat hard food items. Apart from the obvious impact on biting and chewing functions, there can be other problems that arise from teeth loss.

  • The facial muscles lose support
  • The smile may become less interesting
  • The nearby teeth may shift positions
  • There may be tooth wear

Dental bridge – Restoration procedure

A dental bridge can be supported by natural teeth or by dental implants. The natural teeth that support the bridge should be prepared first. This may be done with the help of local anesthesia. The teeth are reduced in size using dental instruments. Impressions of prepared teeth are taken and a temporary bridge is prepared at our office. This bridge is bonded in place until the next dental visit. Porcelain bridge or metal alloy bridge is fabricated in the lab.

During the next visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the teeth are cleaned. The permanent bridge is checked for fit. The dentist bonds the restoration in place after confirming the fit. Patients are guided about how to practice hygiene.

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